Hoary Redpoll - Indiana Dunes State Park, Porter County, Indiana - December 8, 2012 and January 6, 2013

Image #1 (Dec. 8): the pale bird at the lower left had a tiny bill, less extensive flank streaks, an unstreaked rump (hidden by the wings in this shot), and only a single thin dark undertail streak. Images 2-4 (Jan. 6): this frosty looking bird allowed some good views of the single dark feather on the undertail coverts (image #3).

This photo was taken with a Canon Rebel XSi Digital Camera with a 100-400mm zoom lens.

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Hoary Redpoll photo 1

Hoary Redpoll photo 2

Hoary Redpoll photo 3

Hoary Redpoll photo 4